For the safety of all concerned, I’m happy to see that our guests here attending Cal Poly will have a safe way home after tipping a few downtown.

What I don’t understand is some comments in a recent Mustang Daily article. The new van service will provide rides between downtown SLO and several Cal Poly campus drop-off sites.

Looking at the map, NOT one stop is on campus! What I see is they will be coming home to a residential areas with many retired people, young families and widows hoping for a peaceful night’s sleep. I challenge ASI President Tylor Middlestadt and the writer of the “Bouquets and Brickbats” column to join me on our front porch some weekend night and see for yourself what we have to deal with.

“Respect the drivers, respect the vehicles and respect the service,” how about respect for the neighbors?

Frank Kassak

Retired staff

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