Brian Eller, I just wanted to clarify a few things from the viewpoint of a Palestinian American who grew up in Palestine and who helped set up Palestine Awareness Week. When Abdel Malik referred to suicide bombers as “martyrs” he meant that Palestinians would rather die in retaliation to the oppression and torture they face from their birth to their death, than live a life that is already dead. Palestinians have absolutely nothing in store for them; no future, no education, no status, no dignity. I am not condoning suicide bombing, as I think it is not a way to make peace or a proper way to fight a war. However, when you’ve got nothing to fight with and your body is the only weapon, unfortunately the people will resort to delivering their bombs with their bodies. Brian, have you ever been to the West Bank or any of the occupied areas? Because let me tell you this: What you see on the news is not what you see living there. I saw death with my own eyes and witnessed soldiers “picking off Palestinian children with their snipers” as Malik said. I have suffered countless losses including the unjustified bulldozing of our house (Does that make me a suicide bomber?), and I have footage of the ambulances being stopped and searched at checkpoints carrying people who were hanging on to their last breath. Mr. Engineer, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” suicide bombers don’t just blow themselves up for fun. Retaliation is a result of occupation.

Heba Mansour

Business Sophomore

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