Ryan Chartrand

As a black student at Cal Poly, it angers me how Jennifer Gilmore downplayed the significance of the Jena Six situation in her opinion piece. The racial motivation goes WAY beyond six black kids beating up a white kid. It is unacceptable that Jim Crow-era justice is being carried out anywhere in this country, let alone a little town in the South. Mychal Bell was convicted by an ALL-WHITE jury! Where is the outrage in that? He was entitled to a fair trial and an unbiased jury of his peers under the laws of this country. He clearly did not get that. One of the jurors was even a friend of Justin Barker’s father. Furthermore, he was represented by an incompetent lawyer who didn’t even bother to call a single witness during the court proceedings. But Bell is a poor black kid, so who cares, right? Apparently, another black kid sent to prison is not a big deal. People should rightly protest this injustice and I’m glad we have the freedom in this country to do so. For Gilmore to think this is an unworthy cause is truly appalling.

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