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Sacha Carlson, a local San Luis Obispo actor and musician has recently played a role in the new Netflix original series, “Julie & the Phantoms.” Carlson portrayed Nick, Julie’s crush on the show and appeared in all nine episodes of the first season. Off camera, Carlson is a hardworking and charismatic 17-year-old boy with a magnetic personality. 

Carlson began preparing for a career in acting when he was 10-years-old. With the help of a local acting coach, Erin Metchik, and various other dance, singing and music teachers, he was able to get adopted into an agency in Los Angeles in 2014.

When asked about the process of finding work, Carlson explains it as being a huge commitment, but worth all of the time. 

“My agent and manager [would] send me out for projects, so [since joining their agency], I’ve been going back and forth [from SLO to LA] …  going to auditions, working a little bit here and there. This was my first really big job,” Carlson said. “It’s definitely a grind, but I love the process and it’s been really fun.”

The production of “Julie and the Phantoms” began in October of 2019 and took place in Vancouver, Canada. 

Carlson said the location added to the “incredible experience because it was a whole new environment, new people and something [he’s] never experienced before.” 

The timing of filming the project also couldn’t have been better. 

“We were in Vancouver for about two to three months filming,” Carlson said. “It was nuts because I began hearing about COVID-19 overseas and right as I got home everything shut down.”

Along with the experience filming the show, Carlson met plenty of new and talented friends who he will never forget. One person Carlson speaks very highly about is Kenny Ortega, the director of “Julie and the Phantoms.”

“He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. His magic [on set] is beyond words, and he is truly incredible,” said Carlson. “He is so engaging with all of the actors. He encourages us to take risks and bring ideas to him, and working with someone like that makes your job as an actor much better.”

It hasn’t yet been announced if “Julie and the Phantoms” is returning to Netflix for a second season, but if it does, there is no question that Carlson is ready for round two. 

Not only is a potential second season on the horizon, but also there is speculation surrounding a world tour. 

“It’s really up to the fans and the people who watch the show to get the word out,” Carlson said. “The fans don’t know how much power they actually have to get us a season two or get us on tour.”

Listen to the full interview below:

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