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Dancing, music and cheers could be heard throughout Mission Plaza Sunday, Nov. 8 to celebrate the presidential win for Joe Biden.

“I feel like there’s a genuine joy across the country for the first time in a long time,” celebration attendee Ben Bellizzi said. “Even though 70 million people across the country voted for that nightmare of a person, I think now we can actually start working on stuff instead of just trying not to have everything fall apart.”

Environmental protection and environmental policy that creates stability and sustainability were some of the issues that march attendee Melinda Marcellus said she wants to see from the Biden-Harris administration.

Audio by Sophie Lincoln

“We have limited resources and it’s important to recognize that and start putting in place some laws that support our continued ability to be on this earth,” Marcellus said. 

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Event attendee Carolyn Englar said she would like to see the administration address police brutality, the prison system and economic inequality. 

She said she was in good spirits along with the rest of the event attendees.

“I wanted to take a pause and frankly just dance in the street with strangers,” Englar said. “It’s a good day.”

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