I’ve been waiting patiently for a Christian utopia, but the whole thing just can’t seem to get off the ground. I don’t know what to say, we’ve got all the answers in our book but not enough people are paying attention to reach critical “Christ” mass. And how could we, what with all this open gayness and abortions. We Christians went through all the trouble of consolidating our power to elect good Christian men, and now that they have their coveted posts they accomplish nothing. Not one has opened dialogue about anti-abortion laws; good ole Bushy even had that anti-gay marriage thing proposed, and our guys didn’t lift a finger for it. Instead, gay marriage spreads like a medical marijuana initiative. I don’t even want to mention our creationism front or the hollow atheistic nonsense forced upon our children at school. Instead of dealing with these vitally important issues our hard-fought “Christian” congressmen play us coy lip service and deal us trivial victories.

If we are serious about getting anything done we need to refine our tactics. Enough with these charlatans, we need men we can trust to do the right thing. We need to elect our priests and religious ministers and give them the power they need to bring God’s laws to all. There must be scores of districts that our consolidated churches could carry, and with real men of God leading us we can reverse this evil tide and save us all!

Morgan Elam

General engineering senior

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