I agree with Eller that we need more school choice. Vouchers seem like a good solution, as they allow low-income and middle-class families to escape underperforming, low-performing public schools that they would otherwise be forced to go to.

However, vouchers are not the perfect solution, and may even do harm to the private school system. Whenever the government subsidizes anything, there will be strings attached. The private schools that accept government-issued school vouchers will be forced to comply to the same public school standards, curricula, and regulations.

Catholic schools and other religious private schools may be stifled by school vouchers, because of legislation supporting the separation of church and state. In effect, school vouchers may turn our private schools into privately owned public schools.

I believe that the best solution for improving school choice is to allow families to choose public schools within their school district or country, no matter what neighborhood that they live in. In other words, create a “free market” within the public school system. This will force all public schools in that district or county to improve, since each school will have to compete for enrollment.

Underperforming schools will not get as much enrollment, and will either have to improve or shut down.

School vouchers look like a good solution, but they have a strong possibility of stifling the uniqueness and independence of private schools. I would rather keep a two-tier school system than to see our private schools regulated into public schools.

Michael McThrow
Computer science sophomore

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