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The Gym Bro

Do you even lift, bro? And if you do, please don’t skip leg day. These are some of the more conceited boys on the list. Their “craft” is perfecting their bodies. To put it nicely: they are masters of self love. They will always put themselves first and were likely most upset that COVID-19 closed […]

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The “Looking for a third”

AH this one scares me. If you’re down for something casual and, honestly, probably a FUN time, hit them up. However, this screams all levels of messy, complicated and a little weird. Enter at your own risk, because between the two of them, a dynamic and relationship is established and you don’t know if you’re […]

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Guitar Boy

Can often be cross listed with Surfer, Stoner and Art Boy, but most likely poser. Because we all know, ladies love a man who can play the guitar *eye roll*. If you’re in an indie-rock band? Yes. If you sit on top of a mountain and strum your acoustic guitar? Hmmm. No. The real question […]

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The Multifaceted

He is the epitome of don’t hate the player, hate the game, because these boys are playing it. They want to prove to you that they can mold and appeal to you whoever you are; that they can satisfy every side of you. The various personas can be exciting, but probably not for long. They […]

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The Dog Dad

Don’t get me wrong, I love a cute dog as much as the next girl, but just know that these pics are being used as their lure. These boys know how much we EAT THIS SHIT up, but let’s be real, they probably don’t have many cute photos of themselves … I’m assuming they’re trying […]

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The Stoner

All they want is a smoke buddy, and, hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! Also, from what I’ve heard from guys, this is one of the categories they have for girls too, so it seems like there are a lot of natural matches made in heaven. What they are looking for is pretty cut and […]

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The Surfer/Rock Climber

WE GET IT, you’re outdoorsy. You’re the cool kid. You are laid back and up for anything, but you don’t want to say that explicitly in your bio. You’re looking for a “Bruh” girl, and ladies, if that’s you, swipe right, swipe right, swipe right! These guys can be fun but, just like the fish […]

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The Nerd

Honestly these boys are my bread and butter unfortunately. Most of my exes fit into this category, so I know them like the back of my hand. Given that Cal Poly is, well, a polytechnic school, 95% of the student body is pretty nerdy in some form or another.  Where it gets tricky is finding […]



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