My day was about to end happily, after eating a can of honey-roasted cashews, until I saw the cover of your Feb. 8 issue, for the fifth time. I typically ignore moments when ignorant Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox and non-denominational Christians individualize themselves from each other; however, the sight of your pie chart and its segregation of Christianity annoyed me one-too-many times.

It’s a known fact that pies are usually delicious and charts are usually informative. Your pie chart, however, was neither delicious, nor sweet, yet it was somewhat informative. It reminded me of a general ignorance people possess, with regards to each other’s religion. Since your pie maker was thorough enough to separate the Catholics from the other Christians, why didn’t the editor throw the Anglicans up there? They don’t roll with the pope and neither do the Orthodox Christians. Were they segregated because believing that Jesus Christ, the Messiah, rose from the dead to forgive humanity of its sins, isn’t enough to be considered Christian these days?

Ever overhear conversations around the UU, or Via Carta, and hear, “Oh I’m not Catholic, I’m Christian.” That sort of ignorance needs to be quelled, like a heresy, because it also bugs the wookies out of me. Next time, keep an eye on labels the way you would watch out for “its” and “it’s.”

Gino Valderrama
Materials engineering senior

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