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San Luis Obispo’s annual Shabang music festival is back with their biggest set list to date, with bands including Mt. Joy and SNBRN. But that comes with a ticket price increase, as well. 

“This Shabang is going to blow last year’s out of the water,” Greg Golf, one of the founders and owners of Shabang, said.

Shabang 2020 will open at 12 p.m. on May 2 at Laguna Lake Park. 

Early bird tickets  have already sold out, however $50 pre-sale tickets are still available on the Shabang website. Same day tickets will cost $65, up $25 from last year. 

He said that last year’s popular activities like the silent disco will continue into this year, but will be “quintupled.” Golf also said they will be bringing bigger bands this year, while “staying within the genre of a surf rock, house and EDM festival.”

The bands that have been announced thus far include Mt. Joy, SNBRN, No Vacation, Bay Ledges, Hot Flash Heat Wave, Boiz House, Tino Drima, Spooky Mansion, The Bash Dogs and DJ Susan B2B Nutty. There is a public Spotify playlist called “Shabang 2020” featuring songs from the headlining bands.

Shabang began as a bi-annual festival, but has since changed to an annual event. 

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Ticket prices have increased over the years in order to accommodate an increase in paid staff, more art and interactive activities, according to Golf.

Golf said he expects there to be about 6,000 attendees, compared to the 5,000 last year.

Golf said that newcomers are welcome to take part in the “transformative experience” that Shabang offers.

“Everytime it feels like an outpouring of love and euphoria. It’s one of the biggest events that happens in San Luis Obispo so it’s unifying in that way,” Golf said. 

The event is for all ages, however there will be alcohol available for the 21+ crowd. There will also be food and non-alcoholic beverages for sale, which may be purchased with either cash or card. Water will be available for purchase, but it is encouraged to bring a water bottle and fill it at the water refill stations. 

A shuttle will commute from the PAC and Campus Bottle to the venue, and back for $10 per person. A private shuttle is also available for $112 that will pick up event-goers from anywhere in San Luis Obispo. There is also a parking lot, which costs $10 to use.

In case of emergency, medical staff and law enforcement will be on site, according to the Shabang website. 

Correction: Same day tickets prices are up $25 from last year, not $30.  

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