Ryan Chartrand

We Shot The Moon, a pop-rock band based in San Diego, Calif., will perform in Backstage Pizza today at 11 a.m.

The band is lead by alternative rock group Walking Ashland’s former lead singer Jonathon Jones. Wanting to build on the success of his previous band but needing to go in another direction, Jones created We Shot The Moon after Waking Ashland disbanded.

Dan Koch and Joe Greenetz of Sherwood, a San Luis Obispo-based band, joined Jones in the studio in Orange County to begin working on writing and recording new material together in August 2007.

The result of their collaboration was the band’s debut EP, “The Polar Bear and Cougar.” The EP has since then been released on iTunes and is available for sale.

In an interview with Pluginmusic.com, Jones said, “I’m ecstatic about the songs I’m writing. I think these are the best songs I’ve ever written.”

We Shot the Moon’s lineup consists of Jonathan Jones (vocals and piano), Trevor Faris (drums) and Paul Wheatley (guitar).

In a recent Drivenfaroff.com review, the band’s sound was labeled as “infectious,” and their songs were named “some of the catchiest, most compelling (ones) of the year.”

The band just signed with the independent music label The Militia Group and will be releasing their debut LP, “Fear and Love,” in spring 2008.

Microbiology junior Julie Anderson said, “I’ll go check them out (Thursday). I really like Sherwood, so the fact that some of the guys from that band helped to create We Shot The Moon’s music makes me curious as to what their sound will be like.”

We Shot The Moon will also be playing at Downtown Brewing Co. Feb.1 with Sherwood and The Matches.

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