As ASI president and chairman of the Student Community Liaison Committee, I want to bridge the gap between students and long-time residents. To accomplish this there must be a shared investment from both parties to be more understanding and accepting of the needs and lifestyles of each other.

Students are often unfairly stereotyped for the inappropriate actions of a small minority within our community. We are a very respectful, friendly and personable community. It is true that there are times when an individual’s behavior gets out of hand and often this involves alcohol, but we must not judge the masses on our perceptions of the extreme few.

The goal of our College Shuttle program is not to facilitate drinking, nor is it to disrupt communities seeking a peaceful night’s rest. We aim to ensure that there is a safe way home for those who need it, end of story. There may be unintended consequences, but with full community cooperation we can manage these situations as they arise.

This program is in its pilot phase and we are very open to input from all members of the community including students, shuttle drivers, neighbors and other members of the SLO community. Without your concerned input we will not be able to shape a program that meets all of our needs without causing unintended impacts. Please contact to share your comments.

Tyler Middlestadt

ASI President

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