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Jazz singer Sophie Milman’s performance at Cal Poly will mark the international artist’s first trip to the Central Coast.

“We’ve enjoyed her music so far so we’re looking forward to a good show,” said Ali Semon, owner of San Luis Obispo frame store Frame Works and a sponsor of the event.

“Our whole staff will be there,” added Semon. “It’s our way of supporting Cal Poly Arts.”

Since signing a record contract after only a few professional performances, Milman has been on a whirlwind tour all over the world. She has performed to sold-out shows everywhere from Canada to Japan to Europe.

“She’s getting good reviews. She has a really good feel for the American Jazz style,” said Neal Losey, music director at radio station KCBX and DJ for the station’s “Morning Cup of Jazz.”

Having lived in the United States for the past eight years, the Russian-born Milman is no stranger to the country. However, she has yet to visit and perform in San Luis Obispo.

At age 7, she and her family moved from Russia to Israel and at 16, Milman moved to Canada to begin a new life for herself.

“You wouldn’t really know she has this background because when she sings there is no hint that she is from anywhere else,” Losey said.

Milman’s love of jazz developed in Israel, where the variety of scenes and cultures gave her more life experience and a topic for her self-titled debut album, which sold nearly 100,000 copies worldwide.

Her first album deals with her youth and the experiences that came along with moving to new countries and witnessing different cultures. Her life has changed drastically in the past three years and her second album reflects on the transformations that have occurred.

“Make Someone Happy” looks back to the past, to the present and into the future to inspire listeners to see the changes she has seen in herself and time spent trying to please everyone around her.

Milman is well known for her unique music; her sound contains a sophistication and maturity that transcends well beyond her 24 years. “She has a different sound that people may not have heard before,” Losey said.

Milman has also been the subject of much critical claim and is the recipient of the Vocal Jazz Album of the Year for “Make Someone Happy” at the 2008 Juno Awards in Canada.

Milman will perform Thursday at 8 p.m. at the Alex Spanos Theatre. Tickets cost $34 and student discounts are available. They can be purchased at the Performing Arts Ticket Office.

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