Surf rock band The Bogeys, were the first performance of the night. Tabata Gordillo | Mustang News

SLO Donut Co. (SloDoCo) welcomed out-of-state band Weep Wave Oct. 22 during their West Coast tour. The free event was open to the public at 6 p.m. and included performances by local band The Bogeys and an acoustic performance by Weep Wave’s photographer, John O’Leary.

The evening brought in a mixture of surf rock, acoustic and synth rock to an audience of primarily college students. It gave people the chance to let loose on a Sunday night as they said goodbye to the weekend.

Making a quick stop

Weep Wave, which began in Seattle, Wash. last year, stopped in San Luis Obispo as the band made its way up from San Diego during their three-week tour. According to their website, the alternative band is known for “their lo-fi recordings, flashy shows, [do-it-yourself] attitudes and strange noises.”

Dylan Fuentes, guitarist and lead singer of Weep Wave, said the band stands out due to its synthesized sound and high energy.

People enjoyed Weep Wave’s “Lo-Fy” vibe. Tabata Gordillo | Mustang News
People enjoyed Weep Wave’s “Lo-Fy” vibe. Tabata Gordillo | Mustang News

“We’ve been told we sound like a weird sci-fi movie,” Fuentes said.

As one of the only venues for up-and-coming artists in the area, SloDoCo lent its space to the band.

After reaching out to The Bogeys from a list the donut shop provided, Weep Wave presented its first concert at SloDoCo. According to SloDoCo employee Seth Takacs, the shop provides a space for artists who want to share their talent and allows the performers to take ownership of the event and make it their own.

“We don’t scout,” Takacs said. “[Performers] usually just come to us.”

A space for the San Luis Obispo music scene

SloDoCo is not only praised for its creative assortment of donuts, it is also recognized for providing a space where musicians can show off their talent. The shop recently remodeled its space by putting up a stage, giving artists a better venue. According to Takacs, the idea was proposed by a former SloDoCo employee who thought the San Luis Obispo music scene needed more places to play.

SloDoCo was where surf rock band The Bogeys officially got its start. Singer and guitarist of The Bogeys AJ Absy gives credit to SloDoCo for being a staple venue that gives local bands the opportunity to take off.

“SloDoCo is the best because they’re pretty much one of the only venues where anyone can get a gig,” Absy said. “That’s important for any band or group seeking the opportunity to share their music locally.”

Though growing, the San Luis Obispo music scene is still limited. New musicians struggle to find venues where they can get gigs. Takacs said that people constantly reach out to SloDoCo because there are no other places to play in San Luis Obispo.

“If you’re not big enough to pack out SLO Brew, there are only a couple other venues,” Takacs said. “No one is doing too many house shows anymore.”

For the artists that are well-known in the community, the goal is to expand the local music scene by coming together as musicians and music lovers.

“I’m from Los Angeles so seeing [San Luis Obispo’s music] scene and comparing it to that is almost night and day,” Absy said. “But we’re honored to be a little part of a community dedicated to seeing this thing through and turning it into what it deserves to be.”

As for SloDoCo, the popular donut shop’s hospitality continues to play a major role in the growth of local talent in San Luis Obispo.

“We’ve been playing at the DoCo for a long time now. It’s where we officially got our start as a band.” AJ Absy, guitarist and singer of The Bogeys, said. Tabata Gordillo | Mustang News

For The Bogeys, SloDoCo. will always feel like home.

“Anytime someone or some band asks us to play there, we love doing it [because it] brings us back to our roots with those first shows we did there,” Absy said.

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