Ryan Chartrand

I totally agree with Chase Corcoran’s letter “Remember: this is a college town.” I wish Poly students fought against SLOPD’s unnecessary enforcement of noise violations and drunk in publics. San Luis Obispo has bigger problems like last year’s uncaught rapist and sexual assaulter, and the various cases of vandalism around town.

In Rachel Glas’s article, she said that SLOPD spoke to the ASI Board of Directors and nobody seemed to object to SLOPD’s ability to have no-warning weeks. What student wouldn’t object to such a thing? It makes me mad that we went another year electing another ASI president who isn’t willing to stand up to the police and protect the rights and interests of Cal Poly students as equal residents of San Luis Obispo. In 2004, we sat back and watched Blake Bolton agree with the city council to allow triple fines during Mardi Gras. That was intended to show the students’ cooperation with San Luis Obispo in ending the Mardi Gras riots. Now we’ve allowed them to enforce permanent triple fines. I hope students aren’t deciding to give up the fight. SLOPD will just want more control of students, and until we try to hold our ground, they will take more from us.

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