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At 2 a.m. on Nov. 3 in Biddle Regional Park, SubSessions’ newest “Nightlife Savings” music festival will not close up shop. Instead, the music and dancing will continue for another full hour before the permit reaches its curfew.

The reasoning? It is the last night of Daylight Savings Time.

“We’re focusing around the date which is [the end of] Daylight Savings,” co-founder Kelly Ridder said. “The idea is, once it hits 2 o’clock, it goes back to 1 [a.m.]. So we get an extra hour to keep playing music before we have to shut it off.”

This event will be student-led creative platform SubSessions’ second music festival. The event will run from 1 p.m. to 2 a.m. “Nightlife Savings,” will feature art, food and several local musicians on three stages.

There will also be live art installations, yoga, poetry readings and crafts throughout the venue. The festival’s lineup will feature a wide variety of music, including house, surf rock, punk and more. Two of the headliners will be Player Dave from Lost Dogz Collective and DJ Susan from Hood Politics Records, with one surprise guest. The Good Nature Collective DJs played at SubSessions’ first event, Life’s a Peach, and will be returning for the Nightlife Savings festival. Headlining bands Wordsauce, Mannequins by Day and the Bogey’s will perform on the live stage.

Early bird tickets will be sold for $30 on their website.

In Spring 2018, SubSessions held “Life’s a Peach” on private property and had approximately 500 attendees. Business administration senior Tate Peters attended Life’s a Peach and wrote that he was looking forward to Nightlife Savings and the new venue.

“I’m very excited about their next event,” Peters wrote. “I’m most excited that they might give “Let’s Carpool” a set, my favorite music group out of San Luis Obispo. Also stoked that the event is permitted by the city, because the last one was a little underground.”

Co-founder and business administration senior Wes Berger said that they are still recruiting volunteers, and they expect to have 80 to 100 volunteers by the time of the event.

The company “Respect the Funk” will be creating promotional media coverage at the event. Local recording studio The Sauce Pot will be running the live stage.

After putting on Life’s a Peach as juniors, Berger said he looks forward to incorporating what he learned from their first event into this year’s SubSessions events.  

“I think this year we have the people, the belief system behind us, and the support system behind us to actually do something pretty big,” Berger said.

Update: The story has been revised to clarify that SubSessions is not breaking the curfew. The festival is simply gaining another hour because of Daylight Savings. 

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