Thank you Russell, for saying what everyone else was thinking but afraid to say. I only have two things wrong with what you wrote in your letter to the editor “Cal Poly’s faulty e-mail system is unacceptable” dated Feb. 10, 2006.

Tim Kerns inherited the Oracle Collaboration Suite (OCS) fiasco and is not directly responsible for the initial implementation of OCS on campus.

It’s sad that only a student had the guts to express public dissatisfaction for such a poorly implemented service.

Everything else was right on the button. If there is a silver lining to be had it’s that students at Cal Poly can say they are fully familiar with a failed “real world” IT project. Mark down today’s date and keep track of how long it takes for Information Technology Services (ITS) to resolve all the issues. I’ll bet it won’t be any time soon.

Eric A. Kralicek

Network analyst, PCLAN

PolyCard and Specialized Support Services

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