Some writing basics for Mr. Eller

Brian Eller’s “America’s most outrageous congresswoman” article scarcely addressed the issue of Cynthia McKinney and rather continued on as a rant about racial profiling. Perhaps a more suitable title would have prepared the reader for this campaign, which summed up the rest of the article. Eller, all I have to say to you is clarify your argument from the get-go and maybe try to re-read your work to see if it makes sense before submitting to a daily publication. As for the racial profiling topic, I think you bit off more than you could chew: The argument was weak and mostly offensive. I am not convinced that you would feel this way had you been a minority in our white-dominated patriarchal society. It’s difficult to understand certain areas of racism if one is a member of the majority. Use your discretion and write with clarity.

Miriam Gee

Architecture senior

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