Sheila Sobchik

If the cost of store-bought Halloween costumes causes you to scream, worry no more. Coming up with a costume that doesn’t empty your wallet just takes a little imagination.

The most memorable and unique Halloween costumes are those made by hand. A few accessories, makeup and a little ingenuity are all that are needed to turn your dream costume into a reality.


Wear black or brown clothes. Purchase a tail and ears or make them out of felt. Rat your hair into a lions mane.

Put a layer of white makeup around your eyes and mouth. Then take light brown makeup and cover the rest of your face. Take dark brown makeup and place spots on your cheeks and forehead. Using black makeup, paint your lips, put a thick line around your eyes and make black spots on your cheeks and black whiskers.


If you are looking for something simple, try going to your favorite hang- out as a leftover. Rub a little green makeup on your cheeks and wear green, brown or grey clothes. Take a roll of foil and wrap it around portions of your torso and arms. Use duck tape to keep the foil attached.

The Dukes of Hazzard

Daisy wears cut-off denim shorts, a shirt tied at the waist and cowgirl boots. The hair is worn down and curled. Bo wears jeans, a T-shirt and a cowboy hat. Luke looks like a mountain man wearing a plaid shirt, jeans and a cowboy hat.

Britney Spears

Try stepping out as a pop icon this Halloween. Wear a short plaid skirt with a white shirt tied so that your midriff shows and wear your hair in pig tails. Remember to go barefoot and carry a gas station restroom key.


Remember to walk stiffly to accurately portray this Halloween favorite. Wrap your arms legs, and head in any gauze-like material.

Next, put peanut butter on parts of your face. Squeeze a small amount of green frosting between your skin and the peanut butter. To appear truly demented, run your finger tip across the peanut butter letting the green goop drip out.

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