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The dance department has put together a show that encompasses many styles of dance from all levels of experience. Twenty-five choreographers training 200 dancers from each of the colleges on campus will premiere their spring dance concert, titled “Inertia,” on Wednesday, May 25, with subsequent shows Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m. in the Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre.

The show has been in production since fall quarter when the student directors were cast. Biological sciences senior Claire Levine, agricultural business senior Lane Simmons and polymers and coating science graduate student Cheyenne Liu, were chosen to lead the show. Choreographers and performers were picked midway through February and rehearsals started day one of spring quarter. They have dedicated many hours in the studio to prepare for this show.

“We have about 10 weeks in total from the time we cast choreographers and dancers to tech week where we put the finishing touches into production for the show,” Simmons said. “All of this can be very hectic, especially while balancing school and other commitments. However, as we are nearing the end, I can say that it is all worth it to see how happy this show makes our dance community.”

The show features the dance styles of jazz, hip-hop, ballet and modern. Performing students will be a mixture of experienced dancers that have been part of the community for years and newcomers, who will be stepping on the stage for the first time.

The pieces will encompass a variety of topics that the directors feel are relevant to the community.

“This concert represents a chance for the Cal Poly community to come together behind a huge pool of artistic talent that most would not expect to come from an engineering and agriculture focused university,” Liu said. “The dance community here is small, but still immensely powerful and creative.”

Tickets are available for purchase through and at the box office. Prices are $10 for students and seniors and $15 for general admission.

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