Let’s face it: the Mustang Daily is becoming boring. Jack Ingram had his moment in the sun, but now he’s repetitive. Brian Eller’s still looking for a way to “Ingram-up” his articles, but they, for the most part, put me to sleep. Even the sex commentaries are full of cliches that cause me to crumple up the paper and find the nearest trash can. And don’t even get me started on the Two Classy Gents.

The missing element: emotional writing. The other writers don’t seem to know how to express themselves. I’m not claiming I know how. I’ll be the first to admit that my writing sucks. But I can recognize good writing when I see it, and I see it in The Art Beat.

Week after week, Stacey Anderson writes amazing articles. She has a range of writing skills from creating humorous pieces to crafting passionate articles.

Her interviews are always great because she asks intriguing questions. Plus her taste in music is excellent, making it easy for me as the reader to want to read the article. However, even if the band is of no interest to me, I still find myself reading along.

One of her best articles was “Ten Ruminations Upon Watching MTV’s 10 Spot” where she manages to completely tear apart the very foundation that MTV and its followers stand upon in only 10 points. She made some of the most hilarious observations about MTV and pop culture in general that I’ve ever read.

Mostly, I wrote this letter to comment on the greatness that is the two-part article about Anderson, her father and Brian Wilson. Just the fact that she bitched out Melinda Wilson via e-mail and still got to interview Brian Wilson is amazing. Even more amazing was her telling of the story. I went through every emotion she did as the story went along. And the added touch of family loyalty was brilliant.

Anderson knows what she is doing. I see that she is a senior, which may mean she won’t be around next year. I hope to see her return next year and excite my Wednesdays yet again.

Brad Scholten

Mathematics junior

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