It’s people like you that add fuel to the whole racism debate. Wow, she called her ghetto and that was racist. A ghetto is a densely populated area in an inner city. I believe that not only black people live in the ghetto, but other minorities and even white people! I guess us white people can’t say anything anymore. I’m sure Kim meant that Brianna doesn’t need to be so obnoxious.

It’s people like you, the media, our laws/court system and the ethnic studies departments all up in arms over stuff like this that stirs the whole “racism is still strong in America” pot. If you even bothered to read the New Times article, you would have realized that white racism in SLO is few and far between, with no signs of real activity or any responses from the writer responsible for the article. And the liberal media and education system can’t wait to tell you how racist white people can be.

I agree radical changes must take place. First, we could stop focusing so much on civil rights and past American injustices in our history books and discuss the better things about our country. That would help us all get on the same level. As for any of you who waste your time watching MTV or any other of this pop culture bullshit, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Make your own decisions and be your own person. Don’t be followers, ’cause I believe we’re all leaders at Cal Poly.

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