Cal Poly students were able to promote their craft and design skills at the ASI craft sale. | Amelia Parreira/Mustang News

Amelia Parreira
Special to Mustang News

Cal Poly student artists got the chance to show their creative side from Nov. 3-5 in the University Union Plaza — they even made a profit. The ASI Craft Center held a sale to promote awareness of the center and to give students a taste of unique artistic talent.

Ranging from jewelry to T-shirts, many types of handmade work appeared in the sale booths.

History junior Kelly Esau featured her crocheted head bands and handmade earrings, which she made using a type of lace weaving called “tabbing.”

“You start with a string and you use a tool called a shuttle that basically knots the string on itself a whole bunch of times, in different ways,” Esau said. “It’ll make different shapes. A set of earrings would take a half an hour to an hour.”

Esau said her work helps her unwind.

“They were just a fun hobby to make me relax,” she said. “I would be stressed out with homework or something and take a little bit of time to make a headband.”

This was Esau’s fifth craft show. She plans to use her profit to help pay for education and groceries.

Biomedical engineering graduate student Shereen Chew displayed crocheted animals in the sale.

“My friend was graduating from high school, so I made her a little teddy bear with a graduation cap on it,” Chew said. “And after that, I just kept going.”

Chew’s toy animal creation process begins with her own patterns, followed by a base and a filling of polyester fiberfill. She makes the animals with safety eyes to keep them suitable for all ages.

The craft sale was Chew’s second so far. She plans on using her profit to keep her crocheting hobby alive.

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