“There’s something about adding a human element to a photograph that makes it hard to ignore,” art and design senior Sabina Miklowitz said. “It just speaks more.” Courtesy photo

Art and design senior Sabina Miklowitz will showcase her photographic series, “Animate Me,” in the University Union’s Epicenter Gallery until June.

This is the first of many events put on by Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) Events for spring quarter and is Miklowitz’s first solo show featuring 12 prints of various sizes.

“The series looks great,” ASI Events Outreach Supervisor and business administration junior Sarah McAtee said. “We put the prints up a few days ago, and I wanted to take some home. They were amazing.”

Miklowitz said she found her passion for taking photographs at the age of 10, when she got her first camera for her birthday. She has been behind the lens ever since.

At first, Miklowitz began going out with her dad and taking landscape photographs. Since she lived in San Luis Obispo, her main focuses were the local rolling hills and vineyards.

In high school, however, she turned her passion into photographing people. She began doing fashion shoots with friends.

“There’s something about adding a human element to a photograph that makes it hard to ignore,” Miklowitz said. “It just speaks more.”

Her current series is a set of portraits that speaks for itself. All the images are photographs combined with drawings and sketches to give each image a “child-like approach to imagination,” Miklowitz said.

Miklowitz’s own imagination is at work here. She takes a photograph she shot and combines it with a drawing she created to make her final product.

“It’s a series of photo drawings. Some are abstract, and others encompass a whole scene,” Miklowitz said. “I’m trying to appeal to the human imagination. Besides taking a photograph of something alone, I am expanding on that and adding a new dimension.”

This is Miklowitz’s last quarter at Cal Poly, and she said she is excited to end it with her own show. After graduation, she hopes to find a career working with fashion or editorial photography.

Another graduating art and design senior, Jillian Mascheroni, is excited to see her fellow classmate’s work. Mascheroni’s digital photography exhibit was held in the same gallery during winter quarter.

“Sabina’s great with portraits. I have not been able to see her new series, but naturally, I am excited to see what she created,” Mascheroni said. “She has a great talent for mixing fine art with photography.”

Miklowitz’s artwork can be viewed in the University Union Epicenter Gallery throughout spring quarter until June 8, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Her portfolio can also be viewed on the Sabina Miklowitz Photography website.

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