Production team seated left to right: Dillon Wong, Hayden Macklin, Mark Wassmer. Standing left to right: Tyler Stockton, Taylor O’Hanlon, Austin Johnson, AJ Absy, Antonio Barata. | Photo courtesy of Antonio Barata

The Cal Poly Music Department will present the 22nd production of the student ensemble RSVP titled “RSVP XXII: Wine — A Whimsical Commentary.” It will be staged at the Performing Arts Center Pavilion May 30 and  June 1 at 8 p.m.

According to Music and Production Director Antonio Barata, the production follows the story of a wine tour group’s journey through a winery. On the surface, it’s a lighthearted and humorous jab at wine culture’s snobbery as well as a celebration of that very same wine culture.

But there are moments in “Wine — A Whimsical Commentary” that are serious while also being allegorical.

“At times, things in a scene actually mean something else,” Barata said.

Throughout the production, a serious theme emerges.

“There’s a serious meaning underneath it all,” Barata said. “[It’s] is really about the sacredness of when we join in things together.”

While it might be easy for “Wine — A Whimsical Commentary” to make a joke about people being drunk, that is not the purpose of the production.

“This is not about drinking wine to excess,” Barata said.

According to Barata, the music of the show is different than choir-style music. While a choir performs and recreates music, the RSVP students do much more.

“We’re actually creating the music in addition to performing it,” Barata said.

The show is produced almost entirely by students, some of whom have been preparing for “Wine — A Whimsical Commentary” since last quarter, according to Barata.

“The person running the lights, the person running the sound, everyone producing it are students,” he said.

But there is someone directly involved on stage who is not a student — Barata himself.

“I actually do go on stage. It’s nice when the general goes on the battlefield,” he said. “Actually, students think that’s cool. I actually do some crazy things in the show”

The music and creativity of Barata’s students will be performed in conjunction with the choreography of theater and dance professor Diana Stanton.

Tickets are available on the Performing Arts Center website for $14 as well as the Cal Poly Ticket Office. For more information, call the music department at (805) 756-2406.

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