Cal Poly was one of three schools in the nation invited to get monster makeovers from professional makeup artists at Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) Events’ Monster Mash Oct. 26.

HBO previously brought their “Watch Me Become” campaign to New York University and University of Utah. Attendees watched as students were transformed into popular characters from popular TV shows like “Westworld,” “Game of Thrones” and “Sharp Objects.”

“I am a huge advocate of practical effects on camera,” freelance special effects artist Keaghlan Ashley said. “It’s also a really fun, transformative experience for the person wearing the makeup as well as the artist.”

Ashley was a contestant on the reality show “Face Off,” where makeup artists complete challenges and compete for $100,000. Additionally, Ashley has done makeup for actors on movies and television shows including “Requiem for the Damned” and “Edge of Isolation.”

Theatre arts sophomore Bella Ramirez spent most of her night sitting patiently as she became one of the children of the forest from “Game of Thrones.” The look, created by Ashley, took three hours to complete.

“It was really relaxing,” Ramirez said. “It was nice getting to sit there and just have someone do your makeup for you.”

HBO aimed to inform students living in residence halls of their free access to the channel’s streaming service, HBO Go. By signing into the HBO Go app with their Cal Poly login, students can stream shows and movies on campus.

“Cal Poly was selected as one of our newer schools,” HBO Marketing Associate Carson Zone said. “We want students to know that they have HBO for free on campus.”

Alison Chavez | Mustang News

The Monster Mash also featured an escape room, a roller rink with a live DJ performance, a fortune teller, catering trucks from Woodstock’s and Lua’s Carering, candy and liquid nitrogen ice cream.

“We wanted to provide an alternative event for students who don’t want to go out and party,” experience and industry management senior Joanne Lodato said. “What ASI Events is trying to do this year is create an escape for students, a place where they don’t have to think about their midterms next week or roommate issues and just come out and have a good time.”

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