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You are ASI. No really, you are.

As a Cal Poly student, you are a stakeholder in the organization and gain all the benefits that go along with it. Technically, Associated Students Inc. is a nonprofit corporation with the vision of being every student’s connection to the ultimate college experience. It does so by providing opportunities for every student to develop themselves outside of the classroom.

These opportunities come to life through the Cal Poly Recreation Center, the University Union, the Sports Complex and the Children’s Center (yes, there is a Children’s Center on campus). As a student of Cal Poly and member of ASI, you have direct access to any of these facilities and the programs that take place within them.

ASI has lots of programs available to enhance your college experience. You can take instructional or exercise classes at the Rec Center, participate in intramural sports, or enjoy any of the opportunities offered through the Craft Center, Poly Escapes, Rose Float and (of course) Student Government in the UU.

ASI is also the second largest student employer on campus. It employs more than 400 students every year in positions like facility supervisors, personal trainers and student managers. Student employees are also responsible for making the decisions about what bands are brought to campus for large concerts and UU Hour and what activities are made available in events like Dusk ‘Til Dawn. Job opportunities are available in many locations around campus and during almost any hours imaginable. Cal Poly students like you gain valuable work experience in an environment that makes student development its No. 1 priority.

As students and stakeholders in the organization, you are the boss. Everything (and I mean everything) ASI does is with the full intent to better the lives of as many students as possible. This is why several student leaders and I will be visiting many student organizations, including clubs and greek organizations as well as classes to find out what the most important issues are on campus. Doing so will make sure we do not focus on what I think is important, but rather what all Cal Poly students think is important.

ASI Student Government (a fraction of what ASI wholly is) plays a major role in both the campus and city communities. It holds the major responsibility of officially and accurately representing the views of Cal Poly students. Last spring I was able to speak with more than 45 student clubs and organizations and heard several recurring issues that are affecting students across the board. The priorities that arose are:

CPNext – Expand and implement this campus-wide program to provide unique educational and interactive opportunities to every Cal Poly student on issues that affect everybody.

Transportation – Work with the city of San Luis Obispo and SLO Transit to collaboratively develop a means to improve bus service in ways that positively affect students.

Campus Services – Partner with the Cal Poly Corporation to increase availability of alternative payment methods on campus.

Community Relations – Team up with city of San Luis Obispo and its police department to create opportunities for student-community interaction in a positive atmosphere.

These four issues were brought up multiple times by students from many organizations that served as a sample of the student population. As we continue to visit student organizations the goals that we have will morph to consistently serve the needs of the students.

Most importantly, ASI exists for you. If you would like to learn more or get involved please do not hesitate to contact me. My e-mail is asipresident@calpoly.edu and I can be reached on campus at 756-1291. Until next time, have a great week!

Todd Maki is the ASI president and a mechanical engineering senior.

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