People don’t blow themselves up because they are desperate; they blow themselves up because they are idiots. Even though suicide bombing tops my list of persuasive means, it will get the Palestinians nowhere. If anything, it silences their voice and damages their credibility around the world. If the Palestinians hope to move forward, they must communicate through means other than violence.

Your advocating their deaths seems very passionate, but unfortunately your words fall on deaf ears. Sorry to break it to you, but no one cares. Only 90 people (out of our school population of over 20,000) attended the Islamofascist comedy night last Thursday. A bit puny, no? Despite the light attendance, I applaud your choice of a comic; he was outstanding.

With all of this talk of evil Zionists, I’m left wondering where I’d go to sign up. I figure that if a great guy like Yoav Ben-Haim is allowed to be a Zionist, I too can join the club. Maybe this is an ‘invitation only’ kind of thing. I sure hope someone takes the time to put me on the list.

Scott Nordholm

Civil Engineering Senior

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