When Play It By performs in the University Union on Nov. 30, you may find more than lyrics about broken hearts, the longing for the one you can’t have, and drinking – even if these are themes most college students can relate to.

The simple lyrics are best described as typical when it comes to pop-inspired music. It is not music that is going to change the world, but that is not what the genre is intended to do.

The lead vocals are decent, but at times slightly overwhelming. This is mainly because the drummer and the guitarist are very good, but one can only appreciate this during the lead-ins and mid-song instrumentals.

Take the track “How to Say Goodbye”: it leads into the vocals with a tough guitar and drumbeat, and plays off the two for the rest of the song. The song leaves the listener longing for less talk and more play.

In the song “In Limbo,” the vocals are able to blend perfectly with the guitar and drums. It appears that the band has a grasp of what they can accomplish with their music.

Play It By’s music is the kind that will fit perfectly into the college environment. The music is easy to get into, so one does not necessarily need to have listened to the band prior to its performance.

If you want to check out Play It By, visit: www.myspace.com/playitby.

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