Dreaming of safe play: Student startup swings without borders

It started as an internship for landscape architecture seniors Michael Aguas and Nicholas Tuttle. By the end, it became a dream.

Raise the Respect sheds light on conflict in Congo

Cal Poly club tries to raise awareness on an issue and an area of the world that they say has been largely forgotten.

Raise the Respect: Changing lives one event at a time

Raise the Respect, a Cal Poly’s Student Community Services program, is hosting a donation for new and used backpacks called “Backpacks for the Bush” on campus. Raise the Respect is dedicated to helping people in need around the world by promoting awareness of social justice.

Club brings equality to campus products

Cal Poly Fair Trade club aims to promote awareness of working conditions in third-world countries. The club is an organization aiding the prevention of child labor and fairness in the production of certain products throughout Africa.