Campus improves sustainability

With 9,678 acres of land, 5.8 million square feet of buildings and a population of more than 20,000, Cal Poly is practically its own small city. And, like any city in today’s changing world, going green is the key to continued growth.

Living in the dorms: Tips for maximizing your dorm experience

Dorm life, while exciting, isn’t always easy. Most people have never been packed into a tiny room with two strangers, fueled only by eating campus food and caffeine (lots of caffeine). Besides the bare essentials, people rarely think of the most clutch items to bring. While dorm living is an adjustment, these 10 not-so-obvious things can transform your dorm room into a home away from home:

Five things you didn’t know about The Band Perry

Mustang Daily spoke with the band in advance of its upcoming California Mid-State Fair performance on July 23.

Students to soar at aerial performance

“Eventyr, Into the Forest” will feature 23 different acts and approximately 35 performers, including at least five Cal Poly students.

Student’s ‘highly imagined’ poem takes Academy of American Poets contest

The soft glow of the moon and a porch light illuminated Madeleine Mori’s fingers as they tap-danced over the worn keys of her mother’s vintage typewriter.

The city that innovation built: HotHouse turns to crowd funding

SLO HotHouse and the Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship have launched an Indiegogo crowd sourcing campaign with the goal of raising $70,000, enough to fund seven teams of Cal Poly entrepreneurs.

Anjelah Johnson leans on popular bits at PAC show

It might not be hard to be funny in a three-minute YouTube clip, but an hour-long comedy set is an entirely different story — as Anjelah Johnson, the “prittay” nail salon comedian, demonstrated at the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center (PAC) on Friday.

Q&A with ‘prittay’ YouTube star Anjelah Johnson

Not many people older than 30 know of comedian Anjelah Johnson, but her success from a YouTube video posted longer than six years ago still sells out arenas nationwide.

Top five slam poets who have visited Cal Poly

Aryn Sanderson I asked George Watsky to my high school prom. I like to think he just never got the Myspace message. I wish I could say I’m low-key obsessed with slam poetry, but really I’m a slam slut.…

Clippers puts the ‘bar’ in ‘barbershop’

It’s five o’clock somewhere, and that somewhere is Clippers on Monterey Street, where you can drink a beer in the barber’s chair.

‘White trash’ themed party draws criticsm

Mustang Daily Staff Report A white trash-themed party scheduled for tonight at Buffalo Pub & Grill is prompting criticism from a Cal Poly administrator, but the downtown restaurant’s owner said she did not anticipate the theme causing controversy. The bar,…