So you think you like craft beer?

Nothing makes us happier than seeing newfound beer enthusiasts ditch their cans of Natty and PBR to pick up a bottle of something crafty, or impressing us further by pouring their beer into proper glassware.

Something to talk a'stout

If you haven’t been to Spike’s Pub — located in the Creamery in downtown San Luis Obispo — we’d highly recommend it.

Crafting a hoppier future

Craft breweries are sprouting up everywhere. Especially along the West Coast, it is nearly impossible to find any city or town without a micro- or nano-brewery less than a $20 cab ride away (Emphasis on the cab. Driving yourself to beer-tasting trip is a big no-no. More on that later).

Crap on tap: Ballin' on a budget

As you know, we are beer snobs craft beer aficionados. That being said, we are also broke college students. Cheap beer is a necessary evil at this point, and it is as hard to avoid as it is to enjoy.

Hoppy holidays: Cheers to a beer challenge

David Jang/Mustang News Nick Larson and Jake Devincenzi [follow id=”njlarson8″] [follow id=”jake_devincenzi”] Kinesiology senior Nick Larson and aerospace engineering senior Jake Devincenzi are Mustang News beer columnists. For our final column of the calendar year, we want to send all…

Tips for what ales you

According to a survey we made up for the sake of this sentence, 98 percent of the people reading this column are poor college students. For the sake of our parents potentially reading this, we won’t say how much a typical craft beer run costs us … but it is quite a bit more expensive than a run to the corner store for a 30-rack.

Perfecting the craft

This weekend we were invited to an event by some friends via a text that essentially said, “Beer Olympics at our house, pick a country and come compete!” Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to the special event due to the comfort of our couches, presence of Sunday football and lack of desire to put on pants.

Keeping it glassy

You’ve had a long day at school. You failed your midterm, lost your homework and missed the bus.

A bottle is worth a thousand words

Our beer collection is approaching 300 bottles, but it is so much more than just 300 empty glass containers … held within our malty collection is 300 stories. We never get tired of sharing these stories.

Brewing at home: a guide

The hardest part of anything is starting. Brewing beer is no exception.

Something’s brewing: The person behind the beer

As we mentioned in this past week’s debut column, our goal is to entertain and inform. This week, we divulge into the world of different types of beer and what makes them unique. On top of that, do you ever wonder what type of person your beer would be?