AGO to present Christian musician Phil Wickham

It’ll be AGO’s biggest fundraiser yet.

One nation, no longer under God

Ashley Pierce is a political science freshman and Mustang Daily conservative columnist. A few Christmases ago in Santa Monica, Calif., a group of atheists became offended (how they love that word) by Christmas decorations at a local park. Then they challenged…

Coffee and Christianity come together at the Front Porch

Free coffee and Wi-Fi, a game room, a Christian resources library and lots of lounge space — the Front Porch coffee house serves the college community with its newly built complex just behind the Health Center at 1468 Foothill Blvd.

Veritas Forum open to all views

As members of the Veritas Forum club at Cal Poly, we would like to address Nicholas Utschig’s guest commentary before potentially well-intentioned students could misrepresent our views.

Guest commentary

Veritas, Latin for truth, claims balanced inquiry into the historical evidence and contemporary relevance of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. It is sponsored by SLO Crusade and our Associated Students, Inc.