Here’s how the Fall 2015 admitted students stack up

To start, the average GPA of admitted students is a 4.0.

Parsons VP named Cal Poly’s visiting cybersecurity director

Britton will be at Cal Poly for two years.

Institute of Advanced Technology and Public Policy receives $1.2 million grant to ‘open government’ program

The Institute of Advanced Technology and Public Policy will use the grant to enhance voters’ access to government meetings.

Engineering challenges unit cap

A new unit cap will restrict universities from requiring more than 180 quarter units of coursework for students to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Quick Talk with Award-Winning Graduates

Cal Poly has a reputation for producing some of the top graduates in the state, but who are the top of the top?

Society of Women Engineers breaks stereotypes

Aryn Sanderson Men dominate Cal Poly’s College of Engineering. A whopping 81.5 percent of the college — some 4,410 students — are men. Despite being a minority on campus, female engineers have made the Cal Poly chapter of the…