ASI rolls out 'InvolveU' to answer students' questions

The webpage itself launched on Jan. 10, and two questions were submitted that night.

Colombini announces three main goals for school year

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) President Jason Colombini has three main items on his to-do list: grow and develop ASI Student Government, engage Cal Poly with the surrounding community and effectively represent all students.

Semester task force insists report writing be private

Sean McMinn UPDATE, Dec. 6 Cal Poly officials said the Semester Review Task Force’s meeting, which is expected to result in a recommendation to the university president on whether Cal Poly should adopt semesters, will be postponed and open…

ASI issues semester survey info

Sean McMinn Student opinion when it comes to semesters is still unclear at Cal Poly, according to the results of a new survey published by Associated Students, Inc. (ASI). Leaders of Cal Poly’s official student government said after surveying more…

ASI launches semester opinion survey

Sean McMinn Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) President Katie Morrow said she wants to know how semesters would affect every student on campus, but there is one thing ASI does not care to ask: Do students want semesters at Cal…