She can rope, design and ride with style

The cars halt at the stop sign between Grand Avenue and Perimeter Road, idling as clumps of students pass by on the way to class. Shoes hit the pavement as the students cross, soles hitting the alternating white stripes. Converse. Vans. Combat boots. Rainbows. Moccasins.

Architecture students to display year’s worth of work at ‘FINAL CUT’

Fifth-year architecture students will display their projects, the culmination of their college career, at FINAL CUT, one of the largest design and architecture exhibits in California.

Graduate blazing own trail

Google the phrase “graphic designer,” and Jessica Greenwalt’s name appears in the top 10 search results of more than 60 million. In a job market full of uncertainty — in which college graduates regularly take jobs far below their aspirations…

Master calligrapher at SLOMA hopes to help engaged students

The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art (SLOMA) will welcome another art class to their agenda: Master Calligrapher Victoria Johnson, who has done calligraphy for over twenty years for clients such as Tim Burton and Vogue Magazine, is planning to teach her calligraphy skills at the SLOMA in the beginning of the upcoming year.

GrC’s ‘Print Week’ hosts top industry leaders

Philanthropy was a motif at Print Week’s banquet. In addition to Ricoh’s announcement of partnership with Cal Poly, a new endowment is being formed.

Architecture student receives national attention

It’s not everyday that mundane school projects, usually seen as drudgeries, receive national attention and are proclaimed a vision.