Democracy relies on political awareness

Last week, a question was posed to me that stopped my mind in its tracks.

History will define George W. Bush

George W. Bush will be remembered in history as one of the greatest presidents of all time.

Time for real budget solution

“We have our government back!”

After the sixteen-day government shutdown, those are probably the last five words any American citizen wants to hear.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

Ever since the first settlers arrived in America, we have been a culture dependent on farming and agriculture, whether we recognize it or not. George Washington’s primary source of income wasn’t from being a war hero and it wasn’t being from being the first President of the United States.

Open the government, then control it

For the seventeenth time since 1977, the United States federal government is experiencing a partial shutdown. But it isn’t the first time Republicans and Democrats are at odds to decide who is at fault.

Expedited legal immigration must become priority now

For the last four summers, I worked at a teller station in a bank tucked away in a small valley of northwest Washington. Late every Friday came the rush of farm workers scrambling in to cash their paychecks after a series of 11-hour work days.