Fraternity gets cease and desist

The Sigma Pi fraternity is under investigation after allegedly hosting a party where minors were present and alcohol was served, Student Life and Leadership (SLL) Director Stephan Lamb said. The fraternity was placed on cease and desist Friday after Lamb heard…

Fraternity faces social probation after party

Cal Poly’s chapter of Delta Sigma Phi is on social probation after an investigation into alleged misconduct at a party earlier this month, according to Cal Poly Student Life and Leadership director Stephan Lamb. Lamb dealt the sanctions after consulting…

Fraternity raises money for alcohol awareness

A Cal Poly fraternity’s alumni teed off at a Nipomo golf course Friday morning in honor of former Cal Poly student Carson Starkey who died in an alleged hazing incident three years ago. Delta Sigma Phi alumni raised thousands of dollars for…

Rush week concludes with big numbers

Eager freshmen males flooded Dexter Lawn last week, searching for the fraternity that will become their social circle at Cal Poly and beyond. Joining a greek organization can translate to many social advantages in the short-term and professional benefits in…

Greek life summit focuses on training leaders

Greek life presidents and executives worked on leadership and creating a stronger, more integrated Greek community at the Greek Life Summit in Cambria this last weekend.

One year after Starkey’s death, criminal and civil cases ongoing

“You were handed a bag of alcohol and you were supposed to finish it all together. Some bags had hard alcohol, mine just had beer … We were drinking for like an hour,” Sauer said.

Geeked on greek? Look before you leap

Rachel stood back and watched as her sorority sisters were forced to take shots with dead goldfish in them, dress up in revealing outfits, fake sexual noises and acts, strip for fraternity guys, participate in drunken swimming relays and get lap dances from fraternity guys.

“There were about 50 girls in my pledge class. We were thrown together not knowing anyone.

UPDATE: Four SAE members charged in hazing death

Four Cal Poly students were arrested Thursday in connection with last year’s alcohol-related death of architecture freshman Carson Starkey after a nearly six month investigation by the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Four Cal Poly students charged in Starkey’s death

Four Cal Poly students were arrested in connection to the death of Cal Poly freshmen Carson Starkey, who died last December due to alcohol poisoning while attending a Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity hazing ritual, according to police.