Take our guns — and our safety, too

Ashley Pierce is a political science freshman and Mustang Daily conservative columnist. Let me first begin by stating what a tragedy and devastation the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was. The fact that innocent and young lives were taken from this…

SOPA: The Death of the Internet

I went to bed fearing that I’ll wake up with Stop Online Piracy Act firmly in place. It is a frightening new bill that basically allows copyright holders to censor websites. Not just a page, but the whole site. Here’s…

Speaker talks about freedom

A lecture about the way individuals think of freedom was given by a guest speaker in the University Union Jan. 21. Professor John Medearis, a political science teacher from the University of California, Riverside spoke to Cal Poly students about…

Welfare harms free enterprise economy

The government is supposed to protect our freedoms: “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” But it seems more and more of our politicians are confusing the “pursuit of happiness” with happiness.

Avoid Labels: Be Your Own Person

I’m willing to guess that the most common way to start a political discussion is with the question “are you a Democrat or a Republican?” From there, the discussion all too often goes downhill.

Memorial Day should focus on sacrifices, not victories

Memorial Day is a worthy holiday, and one that I believe Americans do well to give pause and reflection to. But this is not a day to celebrate wars or even fallen warriors. It is a day which we must mourn them both.

Property rights imperative to free speech

The strongest defense of free speech, especially unpopular or unusual speech, is the right to property, the right to rent a hall and give a talk, rent a space of airtime on a television or radio show or a segment of a newspaper.