Faculty association battles for new contract with CSU system

The CFA and Cal Poly have been fighting for a fair contract, but it’s been proving hard to come to an agreement.

Cal Poly looks to mandate finals week office hours

Cal Poly’s Academic Senate is in the process of revising faculty office hours — a policy that hasn’t been updated in approximately 30 years.

CFA bargains for first pay raise in six years

The California Faculty Association (CFA) and California State University (CSU) amended their Collective Bargaining Agreement on Aug. 26, raising faculty’s pay for the first time in six years.

Semester protest catches university’s attention

Semester conversion has been a hot-button topic all year, and with the CSU chancellor visiting this week, a group of students have a lot to say about the future Cal Poly calendar.

Cal State’s controversial chancellor ends 14-year legacy

Sean McMinn smcminn@mustangdaily.net How does one begin to put a label on the career of outgoing chancellor Charles Reed? Some do it by honoring him as an advocate for diversity and as a man who oversaw outreach programs aimed to…

Local faculty union denies election fraud allegations

A former Cal Poly professor brought charges of corruption and illegal conduct in the local California Faculty Association (CFA) chapter to the state level last Tuesday, but union leaders said each of the accusations are baseless. Gail Wilson, a former…

Faculty strike vote begins

The California Faculty Association’s (CFA) vote to strike began yesterday, barely one week after negotiations broke down between union leaders and the California State University (CSU). The CFA represents approximately 23,000 faculty and staff at the 23 universities. If a…

Faculty union set to vote on strike

The California Faculty Association (CFA) will vote on whether to hold a system-wide strike next month, adding a new layer to more than a year of negotiations between the union and the California State University (CSU) system. If passed, the…

CSU faculty threatens strike in light of raise dispute

The California Faculty Association (CFA) called for a November strike against the California State University (CSU) system in protest of wage negotiation talks Wednesday at an eSummit online press conference, CFA members will meet at California State Dominguez Hills and East Bay Universities…