Discussion of public option necessary for health care reform

I am a granola-crunching, free-trade coffee gulping, socially conscious, 70’s rock n’ roll Jesus Freak. I am a liberal, in part because I like my politicians honest, and despite Rep. Joe Wilson’s (R-SC) outburst during the President’s Address to Congress Sept. 9, Barack Obama hasn’t lied yet.

Health care reforms not Obama’s Nov. promises

Is Obama’s most recent outline for health care reform really up to what he promised back in November? As a candidate, Obama’s health care platform was multifaceted and ambitious.

The first step to affordable healthcare

It is obvious that America’s healthcare system is in the dumps, yet President Obama stresses that every citizen deserves affordable healthcare. If he is really serious about making healthcare affordable, then all he needs to do to start fixing the problem is to take one easy step.