Covered California helps students get health coverage

“Why do I need health insurance?” According to Christina Lefevre Latner, one of Cal Poly’s Health Insurance Education Project’s (HEIP) campus coordinators, this is a common question students ask.

Mustang News, Oct. 10, 2013: Affordable Care Act impacts students, Govt. shutdown brings tourists

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Got the whiskey blues? Try something new

For Cal Poly students, the signs of problematic drinking don’t have to do with drinking every day or drinking in the morning, Mary Peracca, a Cal Poly drug and alcohol counselor of 12 years, said.

Obamacare: More than just health care

Twenty-seven states have officially filed lawsuits against it, and more than half of Americans favor its repeal. Now, it’s the Supreme Court’s turn to give its opinion on Obamacare and decide the fate of President Barack Obama’s most recognized “achievement.”…

Health care reform protested at Mission Plaza

A protest over healthcare reform and jobs took place Wednesday afternoon in the Mission Plaza.

Uncovered: Many Poly students don’t plan ahead for health coverage

As graduates are enter the “real world” they will most likely look for jobs, places to live and … health insurance. Most students do not know about health care.

Government must expand so citizens aren’t left behind

This could be the most exceptional or disappointing political year in recent history. Because of health care reform, Americans have an opportunity to join the rest of the industrialized world in providing universal health care.