'Adventure is out there': Reflecting on a quarter abroad

Jake Mix recaps his final moments in Australia in this week’s study abroad column.

Today's Top 5: From a walk-on miracle to the Running Dead

Check in with the top five stories around campus today.

Hitting the Great Ocean Road

Study abroad columnist Jake Mix takes us to the cliffs near Victoria, Australia for a road trip adventure.

Kangaroos and koalas and beaches, oh my

After spending a few weeks in Australia, I was beginning to get a little frustrated.

Wine it up, Aussie-style

One of the first lessons I learned abroad is that the sun is a lot stronger in Australia than it is in San Luis Obispo.

Going off the wall(aby)

When I was entering my first year at Cal Poly, I consistently heard from older students and graduates that their one regret in college was they never studied abroad. It might have been one of my regrets, too, if my parents didn’t encourage me this past year to look into some of the programs available. So, I went to the Study Abroad Fair and one program immediately had my attention: Cal Poly in Australia.