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Underground Anthology: A creative writing journal created by and for BIPOC voices

As May 2020 rolled around and Cal Poly students Eddie Railsback and Juan Vergara began playing around with senior project ideas, one discussion led them to the importance of sharing intersectional experiences and the “unwritten barriers” in publishing for people of color. Thein their idea was born: a creative writing journal created by and for Black and Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC).

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Al Landwehr Creative Writing Contest opens for submissions

Hannah Croft hannahcroft.md@gmail.com Columbia University and The Academy of American Poets are just a couple prestigious places winners of Cal Poly’s Al Landwehr Creative Writing Contest have been affiliated with. The contest, in its 43rd year, is named after nationally published author and Cal Poly professor Al Landwehr, and winners are published in “Byzantium,” Cal Poly’s literary […]



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