Dean’s complaints incite lawsuit

According to an e-mail sent in Oct. 2007, former dean of Cal Poly’s College of Engineering Mohammad Noori “sold (his) soul to the devil Saudi Arabia” — at least this was written in the mass message sent to all faculty…

Poly students should eliminate barefoot trend

There is an epidemic sweeping the Cal Poly campus. It isn’t going to get you sick, it isn’t life changing but it is contagious.

Sit down, click in and tune out

Here is a list of 10 procrastination websites that will make minimizing assignments and maximizing browser windows a cinch. Let the procrastinating begin.

Late night munch spots

Late night munchies have you starving? Any late night cravings can be satisfied for a small price less than one mile from campus.

SLOcal laws to know

New and returning students should be acquainted with local laws before beginning the new academic year. This way the unfortunate encounter with the “five-0” can be delayed or avoided completely.

Cal Poly student wins six-figures playing poker

Michael Linn won the seventh $1,500 No-Limit Hold ’em championship Thursday, July 1, according to ESPN’s World Series of Poker coverage. His win resulted in his first WSOP gold bracelet and an earnings of $609,493.

Cal Poly Arts announces performance lineup

Cal Poly Arts announces 2010-11 lineup. Bill Cosby, Steve Martin and Monty Python are among this year’s shows.