The Liberal Lens bids farewell

This column can be described as an attempt to portray myself through my writing. Fifty-nine articles later, I honestly can’t think of anything further that needs to be said to explain what I believe to be true about politics.

On June 8 vote yes on Prop 14

If voters were able to consider both candidates irrespective of political affiliation and who is offered on their ballots, I think that it would force them to consider ideas outside of their personal ideologies.

Obama Cares: How the Health Care Reform Bill Will Affect You

It has been 12 days since the bill passed, and I have yet to see any hammers and sickles or murals of Obama in military garb painted on City Hall downtown.

Democrats need to readjust their strategy if they want to win in

It has been almost a year since President Obama took office, and almost a quarter of his first term has passed. But, for better or worse, we also wave goodbye to a decade. Some are calling it “The Decade from Hell”–and perhaps rightly so.

Obama’s alleged indecision is actually calculated response

E.A. Robinson’s poem was written shortly after the Civil War from the perspective of those who opposed President Lincoln, and I think it beautifully echoes the current political climate in America.

A young liberal’s look back on a historic year

This has been the most fascinating and important political year of my life. As a nation we stood together at a crucial fork in the road. One way led down the crooked, deceptive, and narrow path we’d been travelling for eight years — a path contrary to the image of justice, fairness, and freedom that our nation spent over 200 years developing.

America emerging as world leader

The fact that there is no real news after President Obama’s trip through Europe, Turkey and Iraq is itself worthy of discussion. After former President Bush’s speeches, there always seemed to be immediate media fallout.