Stephanie England
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The Liberal Lens bids farewell

This column can be described as an attempt to portray myself through my writing. Fifty-nine articles later, I honestly can’t think of anything further that needs to be said to explain what I believe to be true about politics.

On June 8 vote yes on Prop 14

If voters were able to consider both candidates irrespective of political affiliation and who is offered on their ballots, I think that it would force them to consider ideas outside of their personal ideologies.

A race between Whitman and Brown in November is ideal

Frankly, a race between Whitman and Brown is the kind I want to see in November. Jerry Brown has extensive experience and knowledge concerning the position of governor, having successfully served as governor of California from 1975 to 1983. Meg Whitman is a relatively reasonable conservative, and I imagine will more fully develop her plan for California in the coming months.

Regulation is necessary to prevent oil spills in the future

The BP oil spill April 20 reignited decades-old controversy over offshore drilling—controversy that was brought home last month by President Obama’s proposal to open up offshore drilling in the Gulf Coast and off the shores of Alaska.

ASI elections are a time to reflect on the direction Cal Poly is headed

I am happy to be politically neutral today — a first, I think, since I began writing my columns. But, as they say, there’s a first time for everything. I began thinking about who I will choose to vote for next week in the ASI Presidential campaign by asking myself similar questions as I do during national presidential campaigns.

Government regulation could end the era of greed on Wall Street

Just as bringing charges of fraud against Goldman Sachs has not checked their motivations to make profit their bottom line, which is easily seen in their recent profit gains.

Financial reform bill will end bank bailouts

Sarah Palin and I began our public political journeys at the same time. I began my journey writing columns for the Mustang Daily the same week that she made her debut debating Joe Biden.

Obama Cares: How the Health Care Reform Bill Will Affect You

It has been 12 days since the bill passed, and I have yet to see any hammers and sickles or murals of Obama in military garb painted on City Hall downtown.

Concern over for-profit earmarks are an indication of politicians’ interests

Earmarks rules are geared toward ending politicians’ practices of garnishing perks from private corporations, and in turn providing these corporations with taxpayer dollars.

Join the statewide protests today on Dexter Lawn and Marsh St.

When I think of the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement, I see that protesting does change society.

Fear must be eliminated for the truth to advance in America

Action and protestation based on fear and imagined threats is becoming a trend in conservatism today, and until that is corralled, truth can’t prevail in society.