Governor's CSU proposal provides much-needed funding

Brown’s proposal must be approved by the California State Legislature, which is unlikely to trim the amount but could add more.

Governor's proposal would increase CSU funding

The CSU was repeatedly forced to raise tuition throughout the recession, but Proposition 30’s passing last year gave state colleges a financial boost.

Entering a war zone: faculty vs. the CSU

I’ve never covered a war story before. I’ve never been one of those reporters in the trenches of some far-off country, dodging bullets while conducting interviews and getting footage that some would kill for (no pun intended). And I’m not…

California Faculty Association loses suit against CSU

The California State University (CSU) did not violate any public meetings laws in approving the salary of Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong, the highest CSU president salary to date, according to a ruling by a Los Angeles judge last week.…

Legislation could bring $1 billion to higher ed

Amid a $584 million budget deficit in the California State University system, an assemblyman is presenting legislation that, if passed, would bring a projected $1 billion in funds to state colleges and universities.