Beloved custodian, ‘father figure’ Francisco Ayala dies

Ayala “went beyond his job and what was expected from him” to engage with students and offer help.

Temporary agreement reached to cover Moriarty’s name on Spanos scoreboard

The university previously referred to the name atop the scoreboard as a “painful reminder” to community members who had been affected by Moriarty.

Recent study proves Cal Poly work in Peru a success

Cal Poly’s Learn By Doing philosophy stretches farther than just the San Luis Obispo campus. Every summer, it’s practiced by students in Peru.

United Nations University summit to study drought

It’s easy to stay in Cal Poly’s isolated bubble of green lawns and flowering plants. It’s easy to forget we’re in a drought.

Monterey Pine Project: Two forestry students lead research on endangered species

With only five remaining locations of the Monterey pine tree in its native range, this species is on the endangered species list.

Student-built company Raccoon provides financial education for millennials

The student-created company is targeted toward graduating students and students new to the workforce who struggle with financial literacy.

Cal Poly launches Portfolium network

Cal Poly has just partnered with a company called Portfolium to help give students an edge in finding jobs after graduation.

Guayaki yerba mate returning to Cal Poly

I had no idea how big yerba mate was — this company, this drink, had a whole culture behind it.

‘St. Fratty’s Day’ investigation continues: students summoned for ‘required’ questioning

“Our ultimate intent is to determine who is directly responsible for planning this gathering and hold them accountable for creating a safety threat to the participants and the community,” Dean of Students Jean DeCosta said.

Truth in Advertising Act gains momentum, then stalls

Lindsy Mobley [follow id=”lindsy_mobley”] Most advertisements, if not all, are Photoshopped. The advertisements that discretely land in our peripheral vision with our every turn are usually undeniably airbrushed. And yet, even knowing this, we all idolize, idealize and fantasize about…

LAES escape room project: A gamer’s dream

To all the gamers and adventurists out there who have dreamed of jumping into the screen and solving the murder mystery, saving the city or cracking the puzzle in an “Indiana Jones” movie — your time has come.