Fight over engineering unit counts continues at Cal Poly

Though Cal Poly’s academic senate intended to vote on an engineering unit cap resolution Tuesday evening, the vote was postponed to Spring Quarter due to time restraints.

Academic Senate could vote on engineering unit cap Tuesday

Cal Poly’s full Academic Senate will be debating merits of the engineering unit cap resolution Tuesday.

Cal Poly offering benefits to students who take Collegiate Learning Assessment

The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) — a performance based assessment measuring problem solving, analytic-reasoning and writing skills — is part of Cal Poly’s focus on students’ critical thinking skills.

What is Cal Poly thankful for? Part III

Post-turkey festivities, Cal Poly administration, faculty and staff are still thankful for national parks and peace.

Engineering challenges unit cap

A new unit cap will restrict universities from requiring more than 180 quarter units of coursework for students to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Semester suggestions could impact CP quarters

Sean McMinn In addition to examining Cal Poly’s possible conversion to semesters — a notion that was ultimately rejected — the Semester Review Task Force presented other ideas that could change campus even if it stays on the quarter system. Most…